What Is Purse Bingo?

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Bingo, a game loved by people of all ages, has been a staple in social gatherings and community events for decades. However, there is a new and exciting twist to this classic game that has gained immense popularity in recent years: Purse Bingo. In this blog post, we will explore what Purse Bingo is, how it differs from traditional bingo, and why it has become a favorite among bingo enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike.

What Is Purse Bingo?

Purse Bingo is a variation of the traditional bingo game where participants have the opportunity to win designer handbags, purses, or other fashion accessories as prizes. Instead of traditional numbered bingo cards, players use cards featuring images or descriptions of different handbags. As the game progresses, winners are determined by completing specific patterns on their cards, just like in regular bingo.

How Does Purse Bingo Work?

  1. Card Distribution: Players are given bingo cards that feature images or descriptions of various handbags instead of numbers. Each card typically has a unique combination of handbag designs.
  2. Pattern Announcement: The game organizer announces the pattern that players need to achieve to win. The pattern could be a straight line, a diagonal, or any other predetermined shape or arrangement of handbag images on the card.
  3. Number Calls: Instead of traditional bingo numbers being called out, the game organizer may use fashion-related clues or descriptions to announce the handbag for each round. For example, instead of “B-7,” the caller might say, “The bag with a chain strap and quilted design.”
  4. Marking Cards: Players mark their cards when the handbag described or depicted on their card matches the one announced by the caller. The first player to complete the designated pattern on their card calls out “Bingo!”
  5. Prizes: The winner of each round is rewarded with a fashionable prize, typically a designer handbag, purse, or fashion accessory. The prizes are often donated or sponsored by local boutiques, designers, or retailers.

Why Purse Bingo Is A Hit?

  1. Exciting Prizes: Purse Bingo offers a chance to win coveted designer handbags or fashion accessories that might be otherwise unaffordable for many. The allure of high-end prizes adds an extra element of excitement and anticipation to the game.
  2. Socializing and Fun: Purse Bingo events create a lively and social atmosphere where players can connect, bond, and enjoy the thrill of the game together. It brings people from different backgrounds and interests together, united by their love for fashion and the game of bingo.
  3. Supporting Charitable Causes: Many Purse Bingo events are organized as fundraisers for charitable organizations or community initiatives. Participants not only have a great time playing the game but also contribute to a good cause by attending these events.
  4. Fashion Showcase: Purse Bingo provides an opportunity for local designers, boutiques, and retailers to showcase their latest handbag collections and fashion accessories. It serves as a platform for fashion enthusiasts to appreciate and explore new trends and styles.


Purse Bingo has transformed the traditional game into a fashionable and exciting event. With the opportunity to win coveted designer handbags and fashion accessories, it adds an extra element of thrill and anticipation to the game. Whether attending for the prizes, socializing, or supporting charitable causes, Purse Bingo offers a unique experience that combines the love for bingo with a passion for fashion. So, gather your friends, prepare your lucky charms, and join in the fun at a Purse Bingo event near you!

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How Does Purse Bingo Work?

The game is played just like regular bingo, with the caller randomly selecting numbers and the players marking them off on their bingo card. The game continues until one player has completed a predetermined bingo pattern, at which point they shout “Bingo!” and win the prize.

How Many Purses Are In A Purse Bingo?

Seventeen high-end bags are awarded throughout the night, with one going to the winner of each bingo round and the last one going to the night’s runner-up during a final wild-card round.

How Do You Play Designer Bag Bingo?

Each package consists of two (2) Bingo cards per game. Participants MUST purchase at least one package to play to win handbags #2- #5. Participants have a choice to purchase one (1) additional Bingo package for an additional $20, giving them four (4) chances to win per Bingo game.

How Does Bingo Help Dementia?

Bingo can even be adapted for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. It can help to improve cognition and can help stimulate memory and thought processes for patients in varying stages of memory loss.


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